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Current Strains
SG=Sungrown/LD=Light Dep

Summit Emerald Cush
Our carefully selected phenotype of the popular Green Crack strain. This bud is a spicy sativa that provides an energetic high.

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Summit Black Cherry (SG)
Indica dominant Grand Daddy Purple cross. Hints of fruity black tea. High (5.2%) terpene profile

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Summit Lemon Kush (LD)
50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid. Afghani Kush X Lemon G. True to its name with intense lemon flavors & aromas. Hight (3.5%) terpene profile.

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Summit Blue Cheese (SG)
Indica cross of Blueberry and UK Cheese. Unique cheesy aroma
Summit Black Gold (SG)
Sativa dominant strain with Afghani roots. Sweet floral characteristics
Summit Chino (SG)
Indica dominant cross between Black Domina & White Widow. Coffee aromas & flavors
Summit Purple Rain (SG)
California cross of Purple Urkle X Big Bud. Deeply fruity aromas with hints of berry and grape
Summit Truth (SG)
Sativa dominant strain with Afghani roots. Earthy & spicy characteristics
Summit Trainwreck (SG)
90% Sativa hybrid with intense lemon & pine aromas 

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Summit White Queen (SG)
Extremely potent cousin of white widow. Small, dense bud structure